Tuesday, 29 December 2009


HOLIDAYS yea!! im kinda busy during holidays..almost everyday overnite at my fren's house..den go out with dem..haha..so i'hav been inactive for almost 1 week ++ d..><..sry all..haha..k i went to genting during christmas eve..lol..dis is de pics..

The guys are my hengdai! and de girls are some of my hengdai's gf..yeah..we rent 4 room..each couple 1 room..and the singles 1 room..=)..haha..im de one..^^ yea..lol..
i went there for 2days 1 nite only..coz duno wad to do at there after christmas..and financial problem sumore T.T there are more pics actually..juz gona post some only..coz im lazy..=D..go see my facebook if ur interested..lol..

Alrite..thats all..will update as soon as possible..currently planning where to go during new year countdown!!!! WOOOhooOOOOOOOO!

Friday, 4 December 2009

4/12/09 Friday

WOoohoo! finally my MS exam is over..haha..no nid 2 worry bout it anymore..less stress =)..anyway..yesterday i din go back home..overnight at my fren's house..haha..be4 that i went to hav dinner with Angeline and her fren, Nick Yap..lol..1st time i hav my dinner in the Al- Jirayah( Arabian Restaurant )..lol..

The dinner was ok~..lol..den Angeline sent me to my fren's house by driving Nick's car..@.@..kinda worry le..><..lol..anyway..i safely reach de destination..xD

Nvr really sleep in my fren's house..play DotA de whole night..@.@..sick rite? yea..i myself actually agree with that..=.=..haiz..nid 2 change myself abit d..>< Okay.soo..i duno wad 2 blog bout d..2molo is Saturday! hav group study again for account with jimmy, tan and angeline..duno others coming anot..haiz..feel pity for angeline..she hav to retake de whole moral subject next sem @.@..coz her auntie gt some health prob and some other prob..so she cant go to college...Juz hope that she'll b ok soon..

Sunday, 29 November 2009


Ohya! Next tuesday gt group study for account! who wana come jz come =)..around 10am..=)

29/11/09 Sunday

2day was a boring day..Woke up around 12pm noon..guess wads de 1st thing i do..lol..On my Lappie ofcoz! haha..play facebook a while..den after that i went 2 sleep again till 4pm smth..great rite? LOL!..anyway these is de movie i hav watched last friday..

Yeah! Ninja Assasin! It's nice! haha..for those who haven watch..pls go watch! xD

LoL! yeah Planet 51 xD..ShiWei suggested de..lol..coz newmoon was fully booked=.=..funny movie though..haha..

Okay~ thats all for 2day..will update ASAP =)

Thursday, 26 November 2009

26/11/09 Thursday

2day was a tiring day~~but it was full of fun and joy! yea..2day morning i went 2 CE class for a while..den went 2 print my writing assignment..@.@..was kinda piss off with de printer at the computer lab..=.=..coz sometimes it will auto print the shits that i dont wan!

Anyway..after that i msg Angeline to ask her whether she wana hav breakfast anot..lol..it was around 11smth i guess...4gotten=.=..before that she text me on de yesterday night 2 ask me go with her for gym..and i was sick that night..i didnt read any msg..@.@..swt rite? after de breakfast we went back 2 mph which is at block A, 4th floor..coz there is a so call "Sales" by de intro to business students..haha..i went there 2 help out Casey's group..

At first i was loooking around other ppl's shop or booth? lol..their decorating was kinda creative..lol..im trying 2 help out too..xD..anyway after de selling and buying sessions start..every1 was like busy promoting their products! @.@..i took alot of coupon or fake money 2 buy de mini shirts which is located at casey's shop..i tink around 30bug! dis is de crazy moment..when i went 2 de shop(casey's group)..Angeline was like "Hey!!! buy our things!! buy 1 free 1 sweet!!.." den she grab all my money and jz gave my 1 shirt..@.@..LOL!..i was stoning there!..oh great..xD haha..

Im a customer actually..but end up i help 2 promote their stuff..xD..was kinda fun playing around with dem..i like those mini shirts with weird words~..lol..Overall was fun!..long time nvr had a moment like dis..it can actually help us 2 release our stress..since final was coming! haha..den after that me and Angeline went 2 GG cafe to hav our lunch..den we meet Monky, Jimmy and Tan..lol..be4 i go there..i hav a feeling that they will b there..lol..listen 2 Monky's funny jokes~..haha..he was a awesome guy though..haha

Okay..we went 2 writing class after that..it was our last class i guess..lol..was kinda bored..i was tired and dun feel like doin anything in that class..=P..haha..Ohya..Angeline is goin 2 watch Twilight New Moon 2nite!!gold class summore ><..great rite..nvr watch gold class in my life time be4..=.=..too bad de 1 watching with her is not me xD..coz she adi booked de ticket be4 i ask her 2 watch 2gether..=(..haha..nvm..there is still alot of chance..=)..think positive man! xD alrite..thats all for 2day..stay tune! xD

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

25/11/09 Wednesday

Haiz...seriously no moood now..jz gona update abit..coz im having de damn FLU..and some headache=.=..argh..hate dis feeling!..de pic below can actually show how i look like now...

Ohya..by de way..i get 25/40 for my midterm + quiz for intro to prob and stats! Im in a deep shit rite?..ya i knw..=.=..hopefully im gona pass dis subject..haiz..once i think bout my results..i hav no mood d..dun feel like doin anything now..mayb sometimes i look confidence and happy..but actually im worried bout my studies..being a scholarship holder sometimes stressing me..=(

Monday, 23 November 2009

23/11/09 Monday

Holy Shit! i still hav time 2 blog here and my final is around de corner..=.=..2day was another boring day...went 2 malaysian studies class in de morning juz for de tips..lol..so far..i still haven start studying for any subjects =.=..haizzzz...dunno why im getting lazy nowadays..keep finding reasons and excuse to delay my study for de final..@.@..This time really GG!..seriously..i hav no confidence to get A for any of de subjects i took for dis sem..haiz..guess its time for me change my attitude..so that i wont sooo LAZY!!!..
Ohya..btw..i juz had some dota match with my college mates ( Jo, aaron liew, and James) haha..well who win n lose is not important..mos important is we enjoy de game! xD
Okay got to go..it DotA time! =.= study later =)